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We are aware of the several market traps and the lack of knowledge that leaves us with a sour taste at the end. We often end up asking ourselves, “did I make the right investment” or “did I just spend my money on something I didn’t want?” Here at Dronacres, we want to eliminate the concept of investing money and worrying about it 24/7. We are not here to only facilitate property sales. We are here to understand your needs & aspirations and implement our expertise to find an investment that best fits your imagination and reaps you a lifetime of benefits. Ensuring clarity and perfection in everything that we do is our motto. Only when you feel that your potential investment matches your expectations is when you build a certain kind of trust. And trust us when we say that we are your go-to realty experts.


We provide a plethora of services that range from property search, real estate consultancy, investment advisory and much MORE. We are a team of agile professionals with expertise in real estate investments and sound knowledge of the local market. We are here to help you with all of your questions to assist you in making the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.


Providing the best customer service is an essential component of our effective business process. Once you sign your cheque, that is when our real journey begins. We will be there for you until you find your happy place ensuring that you avoid any legal struggles along the way. From your property details to all of our commitments, everything will be curated and documented to ensure transparency. We are fast, systematic and reliable, the combination of which will make your purchase a treat.

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